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About LUNA fashion collection


LUNA is the Roman Goddess of the Moon who epitomises femininity and the world's clearest sources of light.

The word itself derives from the Latin word which means “ to shine”.

Like a unique gem hidden under the surface of the Earth, your individuality rests behind the everyday facade.

By bringing this masterpiece of nature to light, you will find true happiness.

“LUNA” was designed to make your special qualities shine. Every gemstone with its own properties has been carefully selected to create a bespoke headpiece. It will always remind you of how truly unique you are.



I want to thank all the people who helped me on my LUNA journey:


My one and only Marketing Manager &  fashionista: Ana Gaysa

Great photographer and inspirational woman: Becca Fitzerald

 Beautiful inside and out, face of LUNA collection: Melinda Gregson

Stunning models: Anastasia Uzlova, Maddy May and Valeria Sizova

Make up artist: Beau


I am extremely proud of what we all have achieved!


Love, Maria 

   SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA      |    |      +(61) 0405392406

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